Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Read first, my commentary to follow:

Benton Harbor - Southwestern Michigan authorities say tips led to the arrest of an ice cream truck operator who was selling marijuana along with his frozen desserts.A Berrien County sheriff's deputy "heard jingling bells" this afternoon and saw the truck entering a trailer park in Benton Township, about 70 miles southwest of Grand Rapids.The deputy stopped the truck, spoke with the driver and smelled marijuana.Authorities searched the van and found several packages of marijuana under the dashboard.The 36-year-old suspect was jailed on marijuana and child support charges.

Ok, so can you blame the guy for wanting to power up his sales and create a strong and dedicated customer base? Not me, this is Michigan and people need money they're not getting from the jobs they don't have and then they need drugs to get their minds off the child support they can't afford either. Job security.

Also, what does the "heard jingling bells" thing have to do with anything? If you look at it, that statement has nothing to do with the subject. Was the deputy under the influence of a hallucinogen at the time? It says tips lead to the arrest, but then it says the deputy heard the bells and then pulled him over.

Stickin' it to the workin' man. I'm sure all the guy was trying to do is make enough money to take care of his child support that is apparently in arrears. Evil conniving scheming woman, he has.

Well, what is going to do now? He'll be put in the hoosgow, lose credibility and his job. What was he hurting? I would guess he wasn't selling weed to little kids...perhaps he was, we'll likely never know but in the scheme of things, the guy was a saint. Seriously we need some adjustments to the rules in this country, meaning we need to get back to the basics instead of making more rules to cover the loopholes and trying to find ways to make things illegal and punishable. I think it's a waste.

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