Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Once again with my .02...So when are we going to figure out that when someone calls in a bomb threat, there is not a bomb? Did anyone call in any bomb threats to any of the major bombings we know of? I am totally fed up with airports and schools being shut down, sealed up and searched in the name of a bomb threat. If they call in a bomb threat, ask them where did they put it...?

I think the guys who called in the bomb threat to Hesperia High School and then robbed the bank were geniouses...everybody went nuts worrying about the school...and then...awesome. Those dudes understand how idiocracy works.

Can we address this before I get held up at an airport or sporting event because some pimple-faced teenager gets bored while they're under the influence and calls in a ridiculous threat so they can be on the news?

If there has been an actual threat and follow through, will someone let me know? I know of none so let's get it together and quit wasting people's time. Can you imagine if someone called in a fake (like there's any other kind) threat and the person just yawned and/or hung up? That'd be one call I'd pay to hear..."umm, no, we're not accepting threats at this time. Please call back when someone stupid is here."

Peace and happy Independence Day to all of you. Seriously.


jills said...

jim's back.

love it.

and i agree.

riggsfam said...

I agree. But as the daughter of a principal, I need to play devil's advocate. Just imagine what the reaction would be if someone called in a bomb threat, no one reacted, and then hundreds of students and teachers were hurt/killed. Let me tell you, the administrator who ignored that call would get thrashed. It is sad, but we have to over react to things these days...

Glad you decided to post again! :)