Sunday, April 23, 2006

Well what to say, what to say…I guess I feel like I should apologize for not posting sooner, but then, no…you should all be so fortunate as to even possess the knowledge of the existence of this blog and be able to come here to recharge and to be enlightened. All for free too. You know I love a bargain, and this one trumps them all.

Merely an explanation, NOT an excuse, I continue to find myself entirely wrapped up in things at home and just life in general. This week finally saw the completion of Jill’s room which I personally assumed would haunt us through our retirement, a new outbuilding (read:canopy) in the back yard, a clean, green yard, raspberry bushes (red and black) planted, my birthday…yes, my birthday was his week too, and finally, this week saw, along with a few other unfortunate onlookers and passers by, my daughter peeing on and streaking through the front yard.

Yes, Sage officially (as if there were any doubt) heeded the call of her genetic make up by removing her pants (and diaper), following her unprompted and (hopefully she didn’t learn this from anyone!) instinctive Scripps-like behavior and wetting the lawn, immediately followed by a sprint across the dry part, and all that immediately followed by her slightly, if at all, amused, camera wielding mother.

Typical of the Scripps throughout history, this behavior sans camera wielding mother, as a rule, doesn’t start until high school/college age and is rarely photographed as we are usually aware of the ramifications that may ensue when photographic or otherwise tangible evidence is readily available. Lucky for us, mom was able to capture the moment, or you and I would never believe that such a shy, humble and reserved little angel such as Sage could possibly be capable of such debauchery.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I present to you for the second time, the first showing of Sage’s butt. I’m sure she will no doubt show it several more times throughout her life (and I predict an America’s Funniest Video appearance for starters) but (no pun intended) let this be the one. Let this be the photo that friends, boyfriends, bosses and others at high times in her life laugh at and pick on her about. Let this one make Sage wish for the old days when there was only the negative and the photo to destroy, not like today where no matter what, she will never get rid of this photo without completely destroying way too much property than it could ever be worth. Let us do it out of love though, as so many will enjoy the laugh. And deep down, if not on the surface, she will love it, and the knowledge that we care enough to go through the trouble each time of printing, posting, projecting and basically exposing (again, no pun intended) Sage’s behind to those around.

So back to that birthday thing…I am 35 now. That was so old when I was young. SO old. Now that I’m 35, it feels the same as 25. Really. Although I remember what I did last night and 420 only means my birthday to me now, I still don’t feel like I thought I would feel when I was young.

The birthday was way cool. I went out to dinner with ALL of my siblings. That happens maybe once a year if we are fortunate. I feel so privileged to have one of those times happen just for me on my birthday. Thanks to you who are reading this and are my siblings. It was nice to look down the table and see you all and to look at the pictures of us all together. It was a great gift.

So this coming week will be busy as well. Jill’s sister Amy will be visiting from Fort Collins, CO. Having visitors is always exciting but Amy is always fun so I am looking forward to her visit and I know Sage is too. Of course Jill is as well but I didn’t think I’d need to spoon feed you…

All is well here and it’s only getting better as the weather warms up. I continue on my quest to work the neighbors hard this summer. I bought a $35 bag of weed and feed, two bags of grass seed on sale for $3, and mowed. They called Chem-Lawn. I figure by June our lawn will look like a golf course.

I kind of pity their son who will no doubt pay for his father’s insecurities as he is forced to mow, rake and mow again in order to “keep up with the Jones”. Yes I am aware that this is evil and unnecessary, I am not doing it for my neighbor, I just want a nice lawn. It just so happens that the guy next door doesn’t share my energy and enthusiasm for the same so it tends to make his yard look worse than it already is. I want to feel bad, but then I wake up, step out the front door and look at the nice green lawn I’ve worked for, and I forget about feeling bad. It’s all good. My lawn makes me feel good. There, I said it.

Other great and wonderful things are happening here as well but I choose not to expound upon them at this time for lack of room in this venue. For details, you may email me if you wish, or keep checking here as I may decide to divulge them here at a later date…but then again, I may not, so you choose.

It’s late and I have to get some sleep now, I’ve got to get up early in the morning to water my lawn (just kidding, I think…) and I don’t want to be late for work.

Thank you for being loyal readers and faithfully checking back each day or whenever you do. I hope however this finds you, you will find yourself smiling at the end. Have a wonderful and productive week and I hope it turns out the way you want it to.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So I’ve been a little underground lately. Flying under the radar I like to call it. You know, when you get all quiet and not talking to anyone, like when I used to be a secret agent for the research and development division of the porta-john company. Those were the days…flowered shirts, flip-flops, blue-blockers…I had it all.

So anyway, I haven’t really had the time to be writing blogs and stuff because (unlike the R&D job, I can tell you about this stuff) I’ve been working really hard on the house. So far I have ripped out carpet, scraped old dried up foam padding off the floor, sanded and stained and finished the hidden hardwood beauties that were there all the time, and built a bed out of old doors. All this took place I think in about a week and a half maybe. I know that doesn’t account for the total time of my absence but that's what has been taking up the majority of my energy, both thought and action…but worth it all so far. Not that writing here is not worth it or just as (if not more, sorry Jill) important to my sanity and completing the spectrum of balance in my surroundings…what the…? Hold on to your Guru, what am I talking about?

Sorry about that one. But you know, you guys are important to me too and it’s important to me to tell you what’s happening. And I honestly do feel anxious and incomplete when things are happening and I don’t come out here (I’m not going to ‘come out’ here, if that’s what you’re thinking) and tell you about them, even though I feel neglected at times due to the lack of responses at times, I still know you are all (both) out there eagerly awaiting the next droplet of spectacular if interesting text to fall from the keys of my laptop here in Grand Rapids.

I’ve gotten plenty of projects completed or started with intent to finish since the weather turned warm. Besides the aforementioned projects, we have painted a room, started the yard (a daunting task, I might add) and painted a steel bed we got when we hit the jackpot at a couple of sales in the area.

We found one in Allendale where everything was going to be demolished so the lady was pretty much giving stuff away. Old doors for $1, a wooden window screen for free, an old galvanized washtub for free, and I even got an old machinist’s tool chest for $7. I found a big wooden White House Coffee crate--$1. Just random how in Arizona we’d have paid (or NOT paid) a few hundred dollars for the stuff we got for $20 that day.

So anyway, the quest continues for fixing up the Roys Avenue place so we can have an enjoyable summer here in west Michigan. Looking forward to the weather and it is warming up nicely here. Rain and sunshine both today, really helps the grass grow and fortunately I got the winter mess all raked up and out of the way. I think I’m going to make a compost bin and use it for our garden this and/or next summer. Lots on our plate and we are just getting started so keep your eyes peeled (love that CB lingo from the 70’s--thanks mom) for more posts on our progress and adventures.

By the way, it’s scheduled to hit 95 in the valley this week? No thanks! 70s here and LOVING IT! Windows open at night…ahhh…good ole Michigan weather.

Be nice to each other!

Sorry for no pictures, check back soon though.