Saturday, February 24, 2007

MURRAY, Ky. It's a tough lesson for a Kentucky middle school teacher. State police say she sent text messages looking for marijuana to a state trooper instead of a drug dealer.The trooper was at a birthday dinner when his phone started buzzing with messages about a pot purchase. Police spokesman Barry Meadows says the trooper thought it was a joke at first, but realized it wasn't after a few phone calls. So he set up a meeting with Ann Greenfield.
Law enforcement officers were waiting for her when she arrived at the meeting point.
Says police spokesman Meadows: "She learned her lesson. Program your dealers into your phone."
Greenfield, who's 34, has been suspended with pay pending results of an investigation.

I really liked this article. Particularly the part where the police spokesperson gives people the idea to program your dealer into your phone. Is that so we won't have this problem anymore? Or was it that the officer doesn't want to be interrupted at birthday parties? I don't understand. I would think they'd want more people to make that mistake, but maybe things are taking a turn for the better. The more the police tell people how to avoid getting caught, the better, I say. Who better to learn about avoiding jail time than from police spokespeople? And the lesson she learned wasn't to stop buying and smoking weed, it was actually to program her dealer's number into her phone so she doesn't accidentally call a cop again. What bad luck. What a total let down once she realized she was busted rather than stoned. And suspended with pay pending an investigation? What investigation? The AP is obviously printing it as fact so...the hard part's done folks, can her! Not for being involved in narcotics trafficking, no, I wouldn't say that. I would say for just having the right sombination of stupidity and poor luck. I wouldn't trust her with a room full of kids. Again, not due to the narcotics, but for the...well, you get it. But the police did handle it well:

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we would like to put out a statement to all folks out there today in the process of, or who are considering using a cellular telephone to order their drugs. Uhhh...go ahead and program your dealer's number or numbers into your phone. For information on how to do this, feel free to call our 800 numer at the bottom of your screen or go to our website where we offer downloads of owner'smanuals for nearly every cellular telephone model with instructions on how to program numbers so we can avoid the situation we saw here today. Officer Stadenko was torn from his family function at 4:20 this evening for no good reason. Please don't let this happen again when it doesn't have to. Thank you and good day."

Count down 3 weeks until Emerson is scheduled to arrive. We think he won't wait that long (sorry) so we're expecting an early arrival. Keep your eyes open for some pictures when that happens...