Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yeah...it's been a long time yada yada yada...bust me out a little...go ahead, a lot of stuff is going on here. I'm gonna be a dad again in March for one thing which most of you already know...but I saw this and thought it was blogworthy (our dictionary is definitely getting thicker by the year, is it not? I wonder what a conversation like this would be with Neil Courtwright...I bet he is just livid what with the music scene and where gov't in general is heading...ha ha ha)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Two people in California have been arrested after about 400-thousand dollars worth of stolen almonds was discovered in a Sacramento warehouse.

Investigators say the stash may be linked to a rash of nut thefts from orchards across California's Central Valley.

Is that not just amusing?? How much is $400,000 worth of almonds? Well, $4.89 per oz at one store (sans shell)...that's roughly 5112.5 lbs. Not even close to a truck load. That's right around 102 fifty lb bags. Not a bunch, I would say...although I couldn't eat that many in a year (but I should, they're VERY good for you) You and I watch and read the news of the day (you do at least try to keep up, don't you?), seeing all that is going on not just globally but locally for crying out loud, horrible stuff right here in West Michigan (check out woodtv.com for those of you from other places, and read the headlines...) and there are actually people staking out a warehouse somewhere, doing paperwork, and completely devoted to cracking th case of the stolen nuts (no pun intended). Money is money...yes I see that and you do have a valid point. It is a good one. But on paper...any way you say it, it's extremely amusing to me, thank you very much and enjoy your day...